Mailbox Protection

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Security of your Mail and Mail Theft Prevention

"Mail theft" like any theft of personal property can lead to financial loss and considerable inconvenience. Once Canada Post has delivered your mail, it becomes your personal property.  In most cases of mail theft, the panels are easily pried open and the mail is stolen. The thieves can use this information to make fraudulent charges to credit cards or even worse, steal your identity.

Mail theft prevention

Most people have their mail delivered to them by one of the following methods:

  • Door-to-door delivery through mail slots or to outside mail receptacles.
  • Delivery to community or group mailboxes.
  • Delivery to apartment or business mailboxes.  

Minimize the risks and protect your mail!

Recommended security enhancements for building managers

  • Consider installing a recessed high security steel lock box connected to the micro switch/timer, removing the Canada Post lock from the intercom panel. Timers for Micro-Switch panels are available from any locksmith.
  • Consider installing security hardening and a seven-day timer in the intercom/micro switch panel, controlling the Post Office lock access into the building. Security hardening for micro-switch panels, including security screws, secondary locks, and reinforcement strips and/or brackets, are also available from any locksmith.
  • Program access times for Canada Post delivery personnel from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with evenings, statutory holidays and weekends blocked out.
  • Consider installing Anti-Pry kits to harden the physical security of mailbox panels. Anti-Pry devices for mailbox panels Aprioirty can install these for you.   
  • Ensure that mail compartment locks are changed whenever new tenants move in or building keys are not returned by former tenants.
  • Consider Closed Circuit Television surveillance of building access and mailbox panels